Generalita de Catalunya

Vision is the strategy that combines talent, supercomputing, knowledge  and data to promote the ecosystem of the AI of Catalonia.


Catalonia’s AI ecosystem includes:

The Catalan scientific community doing AI research in public or private institutions in Catalonia or abroad.

The Catalan academic community teaching IA in public or private institutions in Catalonia or abroad.

Startups, small, medium and large companies in Catalonia that develop, integrate or apply AI in their production processes.

Financial institutions, venture capital, accelerators, incubators and other public or private organizations in Catalonia that foster the development of AI.

Government and governance institutions who, with their policies, development programs, regulations and adoption, promote AI.

The whole of the population as recipients of the benefits of AI, as taxpayers and as data providers for machine learning.

Mission Generalitat de Catalunya

To promote the AI ecosystem in Catalonia. Generalitat de Catalunya

To position Catalonia as one of the AI drivers in Europe. Generalitat de Catalunya

To make Barcelona an AI global hub. Generalitat de Catalunya

To Encourage the adoption of the AI by public and private organizations. Generalitat de Catalunya

To promote education on IA for professionals and citizens. Generalitat de Catalunya

To explain the citizens the impact of AI on their well-being.


Catalonia.ia upholds the values of the Barcelona Declaration for the correct development of Artificial Intelligence in Europe, which places people in the center.

Beneficial to people, societies and the planet.

Plural and diverse in their sources of expertise and data for machine learning.

Safe throughout its life cycle.

Prudent in its application.

Responsible for their actions.

Transparent in its decisions.

Respectful of individual privacy.

Non-subversive with civic, legal and democratic systems.

Aligned with human values.

Human centered.

Human controlled.